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We provide the necessary stepping stones 

for executives to become more 

inspiring and successful leaders!


The Stone Williams Group (SWG) is an executive coaching firm specializing in a step-by-step process enabling executives to grow, develop and prosper as effective leaders. As companies continue to cite executive coaching and leadership development as a top priority, SWG provides the necessary stepping stones for executives to become more inspiring and successful leaders.  Executive coaching facilitates leaders to get where they need and want to be by building upon current strengths and targeting barriers that might be hampering one’s full potential. 

Our priority is the executive and our objective is to propel our client to a results-oriented leader who realizes desired professional goals. We strive for specific and positive changes in the executive’s business performance via one-on-one meetings within a targeted time frame. At SWG, our areas of expertise include:


​* Executive Coaching  

​* ​Leadership Development Workshops

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10400 Parthenon Court, Bethesda, MD 20817

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