about coaching and SWG

What is Executive Coaching?


An executive coach focuses on the client's behavior by accentuating those that are positive and addressing conduct that limits and hampers one's ability to lead effectively. Consistent, one-on-one meetings are designed and conducted to result in positive business behavior within a targeted time frame. 

More and more, companies are realizing the viability of developing executives and are seeking unbiased outside resources to address positive relational and organizational changes that will ultimately create a better work environment and drive productivity.

Why opt for Executive Coaching?


Executive coaching can help you stay on top of your game and has become a perk appearing at many corporations as part of their executive benefit package. Almost every professional golfer uses a coach to ensure they stay at the peak of their profession. Similarly, successful executives utilize coaches to optimize their performance. Also, as executives climb the corporate ladder, many plateau in interpersonal and leadership skills. 

Further development of interpersonal skills and leadership versatility are essential for executives to thrive and coaching is a feasible way to achieve this. It is important to remain in a constant state of personal development to avert "career flat lining". 

Executive coaching is a highly individualized and powerful change agent. Having the courage and will to adapt to proposed changes will result in new habits formulating, a productive leader and a more effective executive. Behavioral change is essential for career advancement and executive coaching can help one to unleash his or her full potential, perform better and get to the next level! 

Why go with the Stone Williams Group?


The decision to hire an executive coach should be based on trust, compatibility and commitment. 

After a long career as a successful corporate leader, Eric Williams brings years of expertise to share with others by means of his executive coaching practice. By engaging people in meaningful dialogue, Eric provides essential feedback that is often not conveyed at the executive level, yet is imperative for strengthening interpersonal and leadership skills and helping with professional development. His honesty, professionalism, affability, authenticity and great sense of humor make his coaching style distinct and worthwhile. 

If you are looking for a way to be invigorated and more empowered, are faced with new challenges and/or want to improve business behavior to grow and develop as a leader, then make executive coaching with the Stone Williams Group a part of your professional development!